G Block

This patented and award winning ballast design has revolutionized the staging industry with its fully engineered, multi-functional properties, used for truss grids, truss arches, and dead weight. Some features of the G-BLOCK include; bolt patterns for 12” and 20.5” box truss on five sides, as well as bolt truss in four horizontal directions, in order to create outriggers or bolt truss vertically, for tower truss.

The G-BLOCK in its entirety weighs-in at an impressive 3500 lbs. Its cement core is encased in black powder-coated steel, to prevent any chipping that could potentially alter the integrity of the ballast weight. The G-BLOCK is 36” wide x 36″ deep x 36″ tall, forklift accessible from two sides and receives screw jacks to level.

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