Mini G-Block

The award winning Mini G-BLOCK is an extension of the original G-BLOCK design, with modifications to support both small and large-scale structures. Its fully engineered, multi-functional properties are intended for truss grids, truss arches, and dead weight.

Some features of the Mini G-BLOCK include; bolt patterns for 12” x 12” box truss on all five sides, as well as 20.5” box truss (top) for a vertical attachment. In addition, the Mini G-BLOCK can connect to 12” box truss in four horizontal directions to create outriggers or bolt truss vertically.

The Mini G-BLOCK in its entirety weighs-in at an impressive 1,000 lbs  — weights may vary (*optional weight up to 5,000 lbs, inquire within). Its cement core is encased in black powder-coated steel, to prevent any chipping that could potentially alter the integrity of the ballast weight. The MINI G-BLOCK is 24” wide x 24” deep x 24″ tall, forklift accessible, and receives screw jacks to level.

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